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4 Reasons why you should visit iGlow Beauty & Spa today

With all the pressure of the pandemic and curveballs thrown at us in 2020, there is no time better than now to get yourself a touch of relaxation. Obviously, given the current conditions, you may feel somewhat uncomfortable booking that next spa day.

We completely understand why you feel this way, and that is the reason why iGlow Beauty & Spa has made sure the safety protocols are in place to guarantee your wellbeing.

From making sure the entire staff wears a safety mask, improved cleaning and social distancing measures, and the accessibility of Safe-Guard Treatment Shields, iGlow spa is doing what we can to make your visit a pleasant & safe one.

Before booking an arrangement at any spa, you should do a proper check to know precisely how they have taken measures for your safety and wellbeing. You can call us at +64 09 262 0761 if you wish to discuss our current safety measures in greater detail.

Still not sure whether it's the perfect time to visit a Spa? Below are a few major reasons why you should visit the iGlow spa at present.

Stress Relief

iGlow is the best day spa in Auckland where people come in search of peace of mind and relaxation. It gets you to step away from the stressors of the outside world for a moment.

Getting your favourite spa treatment is a great way to reset and return to your routine with tremendous enthusiasm.

Making the most of your number one spa treatment is an excellent method to reset and get back to your everyday practice with tremendous excitement.

Pain Relief

From loosening up back massages to much-required clinical spa therapies, an outing to the spa might be precisely what you need to ease body pain.

During a pandemic where stress has heightened, many of us have noticed an increase in our body pain level. A fantastic way to manage this pain is by decreasing your stress and saying yes to treatments that provide relief.

Psychological wellbeing

Your psychological and passionate well-being are similarly just about as significant as your actual well-being. Studies have shown that Spa treatments can improve your general state of mind and lead to more sturdy & positive energy levels.

You Deserve It

Last but not least, you should book that spa appointment ASAP simply because you deserve it.

You deserve to be pampered. You deserve peace. You certainly deserve a treat for all the hard work and commitment you have shown to your family and friends during these difficult times. Allow yourself to indulge in this special treat.

At iGlow Beauty & Day Spa, we understand the challenges you have faced living through this pandemic, and we are here to get you relaxed and achieve the peace you deserve. Call us today to book your appointment or to learn more about our COVID-19 protocols.

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